How we help

We humanely manage the population of free-roaming animals in Tbilisi and surrounding areas.

Mayhew Georgia operates the following programmes in Tbilisi and works with national and local government bodies as well as grassroots organisations to improve the lives of both animals and people in Georgia.

dog lying in the sun in tbilisi georgia

We provide:

- A free spay and neuter service for street and community dogs in the capital, including vaccinations against rabies and the most common canine infectious diseases. Our DHPPI +L vaccine covers distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, canine influenza and leptospirosis.

- High quality veterinary training that improves the skills and competencies of Georgian vets, in accordance with international guidelines for small animal medicine.

- Advice and guidance to both national and local government on dog and cat welfare and provide training to increase the number of skilled individuals in the veterinary profession.

Free neutering and vaccination services

Part of our work includes a free neutering and vaccination service. This is for free-roaming and community dogs in Tbilisi and is provided by vets who have been trained to international standards . We presently work with four commercial vet clinics in Tbilisi where Mayhew-trained vets carry out spaying or neutering, vaccinations and ear-tagging.

Georgian dog in the sun

Do you need our help?

If you have seen a street/roaming dog in your neighbourhood that needs to be neutered, vaccinated and ear-tagged, please contact our Coordinator who can advise you on next steps.

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Why do we provide these services?

We are concentrating on humanely controlling and containing the free-roaming and community dog population in Georgia. Mayhew has assisted Tbilisi City Council in developing a street dog population management programme and we also run a spay/neuter/vaccination programme in parallel.

This programme is crucial in Georgia where there is a large stray dog population that needs to be managed in a humane and sustainable way, whilst helping the community understand the benefits of improving animal welfare. The management programme covers neutering, vaccinating and tagging the free-roaming dogs before returning them to their communities.

puppies with ear tag
By neutering and vaccinating these dogs, we are ensuring that fewer unwanted litters of puppies will be born on the street, providing a better quality of life for them and building a safer and healthier community for both dogs and residents.
Mayhew Georgia dog with ear tag

What is an ear tag?

If you see a free-roaming dog with an ear-tag, it means that the dog has been neutered, and is vaccinated against rabies. Mayhew Georgia’s green ear-tag (MG XXXXX) also signifies that the dog has been vaccinated against the four common canine diseases including distemper and parvo.